... from each other. TABLE _of the Combinations of Sulphuric Acid with the Salifiable Bases, in the order of affinity._ _Names of the bases._ _Resulting compounds._ _New nomenclature._ _Old nomenclature._ Barytes Sulphat of barytes Heavy spar. Vitriol of heavy earth. Potash potash {Vitriolated tartar. Sal { de duobus. Arcanum { duplicatam. Soda soda Glauber's salt. Lime lime Selenite, gypsum, calcareous vitriol. Magnesia magnesia Epsom salt, sedlitz salt, magnesian vitriol. Ammoniac ammoniac Glauber's secret sal ammoniac. Argill argill Alum. Oxyd of zinc zinc {White vitriol, goslar { vitriol, white ...
elements of chemistry
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