... 17. Maternal ancestor. 18. Shuffled off this mortal coil. 19. Failed to materialize at the banquet. 20. Tonsorial artist. 21. Twirler of the sphere. 22. Pugilistic encounters. 23. Performed his matutinal ablutions. 24. Partook of a magnificent collation. 25. Solemnized the rites of matrimony. EXERCISE 84 _In the third paragraph of the selection from Cranford (see §186) observe the use of the following words: HUMAN, WEAKNESS, HANKS, TWISTED, ANNOYED, and UNDOING. Study the specific nature of these words by grouping about each of them other words of somewhat similar meaning, and then comparing the force of the various words in each group._ _This sort of exercise may be continued by choosing passages from any careful writer and studying the words that he has used._ EXERCISE 85 _Substitute for each of the following expressions some expression that ...
practical grammar and composition
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