... read, in the Memoirs of the Philosophical Society at Turin, vol. I. p. 41. that air in which candles had burned out was perfectly restored, so that other candles would burn in it again as well as ever, after having been exposed to a considerable degree of _cold_, and likewise after having been compressed in bladders, (for the cold had been supposed to have produced this effect by nothing but _condensation_) I repeated those experiments, and did, indeed, find, that when I compressed the air in _bladders_, as the Count de Saluce, who made the observation, had done, the experiment succeeded: but having had sufficient reason to distrust bladders, I compressed the air in a glass vessel standing in water; and then I found, that this process is altogether ineffectual for the purpose. I kept the air compressed much more, and much longer, than the Count had done, but without ...
experiments and observations on different kinds of air
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