... slowly. Two pieces, as big as small nuts, absorbed three ounce measures of the air in about half an hour. The green colour was very superficial; for it was easily wiped or washed off. _Green copperas_ turned to a deeper green upon being put into acid air, which it absorbed slowly. _White copperas_ absorbed this air very fast, and was dissolved in it. _Sal ammoniac_, being the union of spirit of salt with volatile alkali, was no more affected with the acid air than, as I have observed before, common salt was. I also introduced to the acid air various other substances, without any particular expectation; and it may be worth while to give an account of the results, that the reader may draw from them such conclusions as he shall think reasonable. _Borax_ absorbed acid air about as fast as blue vitriol, but without any thing else that was observable. Fine white ...
experiments and observations on different kinds of air
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