... that there was a great diminution of the quantity of air in which _a mixture of powdered brimstone and filings of iron, made into a paste with water_, had stood, I repeated the experiment, and found the diminution greater than I had expected. This diminution of air is made as effectually, and as expeditiously, in quicksilver as in water; and it may be measured with the greatest accuracy, because there is neither any previous expansion or increase of the quantity of air, and because it is some time before this process begins to have any sensible effect. This diminution of air is various; but I have generally found it to be between one fifth and one fourth of the whole. Air thus diminished is not heavier, but rather lighter than common air; and though lime-water does not become turbid when it is exposed to this air, it is probably owing to the formation of a ...
experiments and observations on different kinds of air
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