... all are praising. 3. John ---- is my coachman is sick. 4. The intelligence ---- he displayed was remarkable. 5. Intelligence ---- he had hitherto not manifested now showed its presence. 6. He maintains that the book ---- you used is now ruined. (Does _which_ or _that_ have the more pleasing sound here?) 7. The pleasure ---- education gives the man ---- has it is a sufficient reward for the trouble ---- it has cost. 8. That man ---- wears a cap is a foreigner. 9. The best hotel is the one ---- is nearest the station. 10. Who is it ---- is worthy of that honor? 11. The carriages and the drivers ---- you ordered yesterday have arrived. 12. ---- thing is it ---- you want? 13. He purchased ---- he wished. 14. There is no cloud ---- has not its silver lining. 15. It is the same dog ---- I bought. 16. The man and horse ---- you see pass ...
practical grammar and composition
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