... choir ---- the anthem as they had never ---- it before. They always ---- it well. 32. SINK. The stone ---- as soon as it is in the water. The ship was ---- in forty fathoms of water. They ---- the ship in 1861. 33. SPEAK. Though they claimed that they always ---- to her, she was really never ---- to by any member of the family. 34. STEAL. The money was ----; whether or not he ---- it I do not know. Everyone believes that he has frequently ---- goods from the store. 35. TAKE. I was ---- for him several times that day. No one ever ---- me for him before. 36. TEACH. John ---- school every day. He has ---- for ten years. He first ---- when he was eighteen years old. 37. TEAR. The dog ---- at the paper until it was ---- entirely to pieces. He ---- up everything he finds. 38. THROW. He was ---- by a horse which never ...
practical grammar and composition
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