Free Online PDF Tool to Extract, Export & Save Citations, References and Bibliographies from Adobe PDFs

Extract, Export & Save Citations, References and Bibliographies from Adobe PDFs.

This free online PDF tool can be used in an attempt to extract, export, save and collect references, citations and the bibliography from PDF manuscripts, research theses, peer-reviewed journal articles, and all forms of Adobe PDF files.

Simply open your PDF file with your favorite software application, use your keyboard to select and copy all the text within the pdf file (Ctrl+A or Cmd+A and then Ctrl+C or Cmd+C, respectively), paste the text into the text box on this web page, and then click the associated button to extract the references, citations and bibliography from the text found within your PDF document.

Please Note: If the text in your PDF document is being rendered as an image and not as individual vector-based font characters, you will first need to retrieve the text from the PDF file (via OCR for example) before completing the above SelectAll–Copy–Paste steps.

Additionally: In some PDF software applications an attempt to select all of the text in a PDF document via Ctrl+A or Cmd+A may only select the text of the page that is currently being viewed. You might therefore need to scroll through the pdf document manually to confirm visually that all of the text in your PDF has in fact been selected before proceeding with the subsequent copy-paste steps outlined above.