... mixture, it has little or no farther effect. I once observed, that when a mixture of this kind was taken out of a quantity of air in which a candle had before burned out, and in which it had stood for several days, it was quite cold and black, as it always becomes in a confined place; but it presently grew very hot, smoaked copously, and smelled very offensively; and when it was cold, it was brown, like the rust of iron. I once put a mixture of this kind to a quantity of inflammable air, made from iron, by which means it was diminished 1/9 or 1/10 in its bulk; but, as far as I could judge, it was still as inflammable as ever. Another quantity of inflammable air was also reduced in the same proportion, by a mouse putrefying in it; but its inflammability was not seemingly lessened. Air diminished by this mixture of iron filings and brimstone, is exceedingly noxious ...
experiments and observations on different kinds of air
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