... 15. FLEE. Since the cashier has ----, they think that a warrant would be useless. 16. FLY. The air-ship ---- three hundred miles on its first trip. That it has ---- so far is sufficient proof of its success. 17. FORSAKE. He ---- his new friends just as he had ---- all the others. 18. FREEZE. The man was ---- stiff. He evidently ---- to death so easily because he had been so long without food. 19. GIVE. She was not ---- as much as her sisters. Her father ---- her less because of her extravagance. But, he now ---- her enough to make it up. 20. GO. She ---- to school to-day. She ---- yesterday. She has ---- every day this month. 21. KNOW. He ---- that he cannot live. As long as I have ---- him, this is the first time I ever ---- he was married. 22. MEAN. He ---- to do right, and has always ---- to do so. 23. RIDE. They ...
practical grammar and composition
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