... 10. Expecting us to come, we disappointed him. 11. After telling me the story, I left him. 12. By reading aloud to the class, they do not gain much. 13. He had to wait several hours for the train, thus causing him to lose a great deal of valuable time. 14. After listening to his lecture for an hour he became tiresome. 15. We listened attentively to his lecture, thus showing our interest. 72. INFINITIVES. The Infinitives are formed by the word _to_ and some part of the verb or of the verb and auxiliary. For _see_ and _play_ as model verbs, the infinitives are as follows: PRESENT ACTIVE PRESENT PASSIVE to see to be seen to play to be played PRESENT PERFECT ACTIVE PRESENT PERFECT PASSIVE to have seen to have been seen to have played to have been played The word _to_ is ...
practical grammar and composition
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