... of concentrated oil of vitriol, and receive the fumes emitted by it in a vessel previously filled with quicksilver, and standing in a bason of quicksilver, in which it appears in the form of a perfectly _transparent air_, being precisely the same thing with that which I had before expelled from the spirit of salt. This method of procuring acid air is the more convenient, as a phial, once prepared in this manner, will suffice, for common experiments, many weeks; especially if a little more oil of vitriol be occasionally put to it. It only requires a little more heat at the last than at the first. Indeed, at the first, the heat of a person's hand will often be sufficient to make it throw out the vapour. In warm weather it will even keep smoking many days without the application of any other heat. On this account, it should be placed where there are no instruments, ...
experiments and observations on different kinds of air
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