... have adopted, drawn from the nomenclature of the acids, is perfectly analogical, and, following nature in the simplicity of her operations, gives a natural and easy nomenclature applicable to every possible neutral salt. In giving names to the different acids, we express the common property by the generical term _acid_, and distinguish each species by the name of its peculiar acidifiable base. Hence the acids formed by the oxygenation of sulphur, phosphorus, charcoal, &c. are called _sulphuric acid_, _phosphoric acid_, _carbonic acid_, &c. We thought it likewise proper to indicate the different degrees of saturation with oxygen, by different terminations of the same specific names. Hence we distinguish between sulphurous and sulphuric, and between phosphorous and phosphoric acids, &c. By applying these principles to the nomenclature of neutral salts, we give a common ...
elements of chemistry
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